Clients say...

...Susan is so compassionate and knowledgeable.  By the end of the first session she was practically finishing my sentences.  She was able to connect with me on deep issues and made me feel safe and understood.  Her wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of family dynamics and interpersonal relationships is immeasurable. She really is amazing at what she does and genuinely cares about her clients.  I am so glad I found her.

...Susan is a wonderful therapist and my life has improved dramatically since I've started seeing her.  Susan's warm, open, and nonjudgmental demeanor made me feel at ease immediately. I started therapy to work through general anxiety, low self-esteem, and to stop self-harming. She zeroed in on the most pressing issues and helped me design a practical, simple, and helpful self-care plan.  Within a short amount of time, Susan helped me become more self-aware and confident, and prompted me to dig deeper into my triggers.  I credit her for my swift transformation over the past year to become more self-actualized, and self-compassionate..  Simply put, I am happier and feel better.

...I feel incredibly grateful to have found Susan.  I began seeing her a few years ago at a turning point in my life - having recently gone through a separation.  The grief brought up anxiety and unresolved trauma that I was not emotionally prepared for.  Her approach in sessions is intuitive and always about what I need in the moment.  This flexibility has allowed me to figure out my needs, ask for what I want, and most important, trust.

...I came to Susan regarding issues surrounding my relationship in which I had reached a roadblock.  Not only was she able to provide a safe, supportive environment, she was able to provide insight to both female and male perspective, allowing a greater sense of understanding.  She has helped me deal with anger, frustration, and grief related to loss. Susan has made me feel that she goes above and beyond in supporting my life.  I have a newly found appreciation for therapy because of her.

...I started seeing Susan during a pretty tough transition period in my life.  I am a very goal-oriented person and have always valued productivity as the ultimate marker of an enriching life, but Susan has taught me the importance of taking care of myself emotionally.  She places how I am feeling as the number one priority, but also takes a pragmatic approach to helping me achieve happiness. I really feel like Susan has taken the time to get to know me and invest in my happiness. I feel incredibly blessed to have such a compassionate presence in my life.