I am grateful for this profession which allows me to help others and be trusted with their vulnerability through very personal struggles.  I came into this work through my own process of self-discovery which is always evolving.  As the youngest child in a large family with many challenges, I am intimately aware of the confusing feelings and self-beliefs we develop in response to unmet needs.


Though I now see adults in individual therapy, I began my professional path teaching children with learning differences.  Entering the unique world of these children taught me the importance of patience and compassion in meeting someone right where they are in order to facilitate learning and growth. 

I then pursued a Masters in Counseling Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy and began working with children and families both privately and in schools.  Sitting with a child who had just lost a parent or sibling or was experiencing a form of abuse or neglect, was a profound lesson into the origins of grief and trauma.  I am reminded daily of how this earlier path is foundational to my therapeutic work with adults.

My training includes Somatic Experiencing (currently ongoing), a body-oriented approach to healing trauma and other stress disorders, EMDR, psychodynamic approaches, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy,  I am passionate about continuing to learn and practice a holistic approach to healing in both my professional and personal life.